INBALANCE INvertebrate-BActeriaL Associations as hotspots of benthic Nitrogen Cycling in Estuarine ecosystems While traditionally, bacteria have been considered driving much of the Earth's nitrogen (N) cycle, recent research shows that ecological interactions between meio-, macrofauna and bacteria are important in regulating N cycling in soft sediments. Thus, [...]



LUCY Nitrogen fixation in chemosynthetic symbioses Lucinid bivalves, the most diverse bivalve group hosting chemosynthetic symbionts, are widespread in sulfidic coastal sediments worldwide and thought to be involved in major biological processes. The recent discovery that the chemosynthetic symbionts of lucinid bivalves can fix nitrogen (N2) in addition [...]



CANCOR Carbon And Nitrogen fixation of CORal reefs in response to environmental factors Tropical coral reefs are surrounded by oligotrophic waters yet show high productivity. Several key reef primary producers (e.g. corals, macro and turf algae) and substrates (e.g. reef sands, dead coral and rocky surfaces) exhibit [...]